About the PTC

The Public Transport Consortium (PTC) is a Special Interest Group within the Local Government Association. The group promotes public transport issues on behalf of local authorities outside of metropolitan areas, supporting effective local decisions on public transport for the benefit of local citizens. Its main aims are to support:

  • Understanding of the transport issues affecting member authorities
  • Development of legislation that recognises non-metropolitan areas
  • Appropriate allocation of resources

The PTC has the power and influence to have an effective impact at a national, regional and local level through:

  • Direct lobbying and influence of government and ministers
  • Engaging key partners including transport operators and other agencies
  • Raising awareness of emerging policy issues
  • Sharing best practice

PTC Membership

Membership of the PTC is open to all non-metropolitan authorities from England and Wales. Each authority is entitled to nominate three Members to participate, in addition to the involvement of professional Public Transport Officers.


With representatives from all political parties the PTC provides a balanced viewpoint based on underlying transport needs for non-metropolitan areas. The Chair and two Vice-Chairs are elected each year and always represent each of the three main political parties.

PTC Constitution


A dedicated group of members to support the Chair and Vice-Chairs in:

  • Setting the strategic direction for the PTC
  • Lobbying of ministers and key organisations
  • Influencing resource and policy decisions


The full membership meets four times a year to discuss consortium business followed by a 90 minute seminar with presentations from experts in the public transport field.  This enables:

  • Sharing best practice
  • Understanding of current and emerging issues
  • Endorsement of the executive’s work
  • Support for executive in lobbying
  • Agreement on the shared values

Officer Support

In addition to the appointed administrator and principal advisors the PTC is supported by a voluntary pool of officers who provide a breadth of technical and professional expertise.

For more information about the PTC please contact: