Nottinghamshire County Council Park & Ride Schemes

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Courtesy of Nottinghamshire County Council

Pocket park and ride sites help to cut congestion and reduce carbon emissions. We operate sites in Nottinghamshire at the following locations:

In addition, there are larger park and ride sites in and around Nottingham.

Using a park and ride site can help you:

  • Avoid having to find a parking space at work
  • Relax on your journey – why not read a book, listen to your iPod or even prepare for that important meeting!
  • Ease past the traffic jams by using bus lanes.


The Cotgrave pocket park and ride site offers 33 parking spaces, in the car park of Cotgrave Welfare. You can park for free at the site from 7am until 7pm, and then catch a bus into West Bridgford or Nottingham from the nearby stop.

More details:


The Stragglethorpe pocket park and ride site operates from the car park of Shepherds restaurant. It is available from 7am until midnight each day, with regular buses into West Bridgford and Nottingham.

£40,000 has been spent on improvements to the site, which has paid for an upgrade to the CCTV system, a new bus shelter and a new electronic display board. This means that you can leave your car in safety and relax on the bus to work.

More details:

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