News Update 5 July 2018

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1. Local authority funding for supported bus services has halved since 2010. A report has been published by the Campaign for Better Transport – Buses in Crisis. 199 routes were altered or withdrawn last year, 3347 since 2010. A National Investment Strategy for Buses and Coaches with long term funding is suggested.
2. Estimated passenger journeys on franchised rail services reduced 1.4% in 2017/18 to 1.708bn; there was a 2.1% reduction in journeys in London and the South East, which accounts for 68.7% of national passenger journeys. Season tickets accounted for 32% of all journeys (48% 10 years ago); journeys on long distance and regional services continued to grow.
Report Passenger Rail Usage 2017/18 quarter 4 Statistical Release available at
3. The Office of Rail and Road is to impose higher charges on new interurban open access rail services in order that they contribute to the fixed costs of the rail network
Draft Determination of Network Rail’s periodic review is available at
4. A report Rail Cities UK by the Urban Transport Group outlines that significant rail expansion is the only viable option to help UK cities to achieve their ambitions on economic growth and meeting housing demand, whilst also creating attractive urban centre with less road traffic and better air quality.
5. The National Infrastructure Commission is funding an investigation to assess the benefits of moving freight from road to rail and from rail to road. A report is expected at the end of October.
6. Rail passengers in the North of England affected by the recent disruption will receive a compensation package agreed by the board of Transport for the North following a recommendation from the Department for Transport.
7. Transport for Greater Manchester has ordered 27 new trams at a cost of £72 million, increasing capacity on the network by 15%.
8. Network Rail’s annual report for 2017/18 records a spend of £4.1bn in 2017/18.
9. Go Ahead Group has purchased East Yorkshire Motor Services.

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