Plenary meeting 29 June 2018

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Notes of Plenary meeting
Friday 29 June 2018
Durham County Council
County Hall

Thanks were expressed to Cllr Carl Marshall and Andy Leadbeater of Durham County Council for hosting the meeting and for providing an excellent study visit to Beamish Museum and to the Hitachi rail manufacturing plant.

1. Apologies & Attendance

2. Notes of Plenary meeting on 4 May 2018 & matters arising – approved

3. Notes of Executive meeting on 4 May 2018 & matters arising – approved. It was noted that the website is still not functioning correctly. Cllr Brewis offered to contact Cllr Davies.

4. Finance report
a. Membership update – the administrator gave a brief update – fees are still coming in for 2017/18 & 18/19. Balance at 29 June:
b. Expenditure against budget 2018-19 – noted. The administrator highlighted changes to the expenditure as APPRPTG fees were lower than expected and a review of the group is to be undertaken due to lack of support from Members of Parliament

5. Consultations
a. DfT Registration process and appeals mechanism – on response submitted
b. Easier Fares consultation – a response to this consultation was compiled
c. Cross Country passenger rail consultation – Authorities have been asked to forward points for inclusion and a further email will be sent requesting local input to some of the 28 specific questions.

6. Issues from Newsletters
The following items were discussed:
* demand responsive bus service in Oxford,
* The announcement of the operator for the Wales and Borders rail franchise but no details were available
* Airports National policy Statement
* East Midlands Rail franchise tender – concern was raised at the proposals for Bedford, Luton and Luton Airport Parkway stations, which will be pursued
* Crossrail 2: new information is not expected until next year
* Greengauge 21 report beyond HS2 – it was suggested they could be invited to a meeting and the report outlines a strategic rail network plan for the country, not only high speed lines
* Transport Focus National Rail Survey Spring 2018 results

7. LGA Update – noted. Authorities are urged to respond to the consultation on the Clean Air Strategy

8. Future programme & dates 2018
a. Friday 21 September 18 Smith Square – Plenary & Executive meetings
b. Friday 16 November AGM 18 Smith Square

9. Any other business
Arising from the discussion at the visit to Hitachi Rail, a rolling stock strategy is required that provides continuous orders for production. This will be raised with the DfT.

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